School on Data Science and Causal Modelling for Big Data in Health and Medical Research

14 - 17 October 2019 Cass Business School 4 days (14th October 2019 - 17th October 2019) Stata

The objective of this summer school is to train participants in data science, and causal modelling and inference for health and medical big data. The main subjects that the course will cover include: (i) identification of the main sources of administrative and clinical data; (ii) management and manipulation of these data using Stata; (iii) correct application of machine learning and data mining techniques; (iv) accurate application of causal inference methods, via both counterfactual and structural modelling; (v) ex-post cost-benefit analysis for health policy programs.

Advances in Causal Inference using Stata

18 - 19 February & 28 - 29 October 2019 Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row, London 2 days (18th February 2019 - 29th October 2019) Stata

Econometric modelling for causal inference and program evaluation have witnessed a tremendous development in the last decade, with new approaches and methods addressing an expanding set of challenging problems, both in medical and the social sciences. This course covers some recent developments in causal inference and program evaluation using Stata.

An Introduction to Machine Learning using Stata (EST Time)

9 - 11 December 2019 New Horizons, Computer Learning Centre, New York City, USA 3 days (9th December 2019 - 11th December 2019) Stata

This course is a primer to machine learning techniques using Stata. Stata owns today various packages to perform machine learning which are however poorly known to many Stata users. This course fills this gap by making participants familiar with (and knowledgeable of) Stata potential to draw knowledge and value form row, large, and possibly noisy data. The teaching approach will be based on the graphical language and intuition more than on algebra. The training will make use of instructional as well as real-world examples, and will balance evenly theory and practical sessions.

Getting Started with Stata (CEST Time)

25 January 2019 WNE UW, Długa 44/50, Warszawa Half day (25th January 2019 - 25th January 2019) Stata

This course provides overview of Stata capabilities and introduction to this statistical software. We teach using learning by doing techniques and provide several examples. The course focuses on basic syntax, using built-in documentation and help files and finally data management routines.

Stata Econometrics Winter School 2019

21 - 25 January 2019 5 days (21st January 2019 - 25th January 2019) Stata

Join us for our fifth annual Stata Winter School, comprising five individual Stata courses providing attendees with the flexibility to register only for the courses that they find most relevant to their research interests. The individual courses will cover: Introduction to Stata; Data Analysis, Linear Regression, and Spatial Econometrics; Managing Output Files; Linear Panel Data Models;

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