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The application of statistics, econometrics and forecasting is becoming increasingly popular in the commercial and applied research sectors largely as a result of greater availability of historical data and the need to drive decision-making by evidence-based practices. Timberlake Consultants provide a total solution to clients working in the statistics, econometrics, operational research or mathematical fields / we provide anything you might need for data analysis and forecasting irrespective of whether you are an experienced user or about to start utilising quantitative methods.


Timberlake have been distributing Stata since Version 1.0 was available to the public, back in 1985. We are the only authorised Stata distributor to the UK & Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Middle East & North Africa and Poland.

We provide a total solution to clients working in the statistics, econometrics, forecasting, operational research or mathematical fields using the latest techniques and commands in Stata. Many clients across different industries leverage our specialist expertise across the following.

We offer full support for data analytics that starts with sample selection all the way to big data analysis. Our experience is not limited to quantitative analysis. We can also help with the analysis of qualitative data. Our solutions are cost effective and we will provide a fully documented solution on “how you got there” as an essential part of what we deliver. Our services are robust and you can count on what we produce to facilitate you decisions-making. Some examples of what we can offer are:

Sample selection

  • Implementation and analysis of survey data

Data management

  • Cleaning, organizing and shaping data sets
  • Data and safety monitoring
  • Data mining

Data visualization

  • Static graphics
  • Dynamic visualization of data points
  • Geospatial and mapping analysis

Programming and automation of tasks

Big data

With better technology more data is being produced and saved. The creation of large data comes at a high volume, with an astonishing velocity rate and from a variety of sources. Our services allow you to handle big data and to extract useful information.


We specialise in state of the art techniques and the latest econometrics developments to support our clients in a wide range of complex scenarios. Our expertise spans, both, macroeconometrics and microeconometrics. Using the latest techniques and Stata commands, we offer clients a full solution in applied econometrics issues.


  • Empirical modelling to better predict the dynamics of macroeconomic aggregates
  • Forecasting and other time-series data driven analysis
  • Financial econometrics


  • Discrete response regression models
  • Firm behaviour and market structure
  • Causal inference

Biostatistics & Epidemiology

We have an extensive experience in assisting healthcare companies in managing their cost and revenue structure, clinical development and biostatistics.

  • Epidemiology of chronic diseases
  • Clinical trials
  • Biostatistics

An important share of our legal support is through litigation consulting. We provide law firms and lawyers with the theoretical background, statistical tools and empirical work to better understand the data at hand. We present complex statistical methodologies and empirical results to a non-technical audience. Our experience in delivering courses to a global audience highlights our capabilities of getting the message across. Our services cover the following industries:

  • Real estate and housing market
  • Healthcare
  • Employment discrimination
  • Personal injury damages
  • Financial forecasting and trading systems

Islamic Finance is on the rise with the growth of Islamic banks and the size of assets and financial transactions which are Shari’a compliant. Our extensive experience in conventional banking and in-house expertise in Islamic Finance allows us to offer support on Islamic Economics, Islamic Finance and Banking to non-profit, government and commercial entities.

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