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Causal Inference using Stata

Online 1 day (9th August 2021 - 9th August 2021) Stata Intermediate, Introductory
Delivered by: Dr. Austin Nichols
Data visualization, Econometrics, Microeconomics, Regression analysis


This course is for professionals and researchers from all academic disciplines who wish to improve their use of Stata.

The course assumes limited statistical knowledge and only some experience of using statistical software. The participants will be introduced to Stata and causal inference using practical examples.

The fundamentals of data analysis and visualization will also be taught, using appropriate Stata commands and programming techniques. Then, the participants will be introduced to the main data analysis tools related to regression, including linear and logistic regression, local polynomial regression, and related machine learning approaches.

Participants will apply these methods to specially chosen datasets using data from economics and medical research. Participants will learn about quasi-experimental methods (via simulation of bias and variance properties, and hands-on examples) for propensity score matching and reweighting, panel methods including difference-in-difference designs, instrumental variables, and regression discontinuity.

Course Timetable

Session 1 Session 2
9am-11am(Eastern Standard Time) 12pm-2pm (Eastern Standard Time)
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Course Agenda

Session 1

Causation, Experiments, and Selection on Observables:

  • Causal inference, and the unique advantage of randomization.
  • Running regressions and visualizing impacts in experiments.
  • Correct standard errors. Simulation versus asymptotic results. Programming in Stata.
  • Regression adjustment in quasi-experimental settings.
  • Propensity score matching and reweighting in theory and practice.

Session 2

Advanced Quasi-Experimental Methods:

  • Difference-in-difference designs, fixed effects, and mixed models.
  • Testing assumptions and decomposing sources of variation.
  • Instrumental variables in theory and practice.
  • Weak instruments, invalid instruments, and other disasters.
  • Regression discontinuity and kink designs.
  • Extrapolation, mediation, and other unsolved problems.

Principal texts for pre-course reading

Principal texts for post-course reading


It would be helpful but not necessary to already have some basic knowledge of opening a dataset in Stata, running simple commands, editing a do file in a text editor. We will assume some prior knowledge of statistics, including experience conducting a hypothesis test, but no prior training is required.

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