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An introduction to Stata - 29th January

Our first free webinar is an introduction to Stata 16. Participants will be provided with a comprehensive overview of the software. It's an ideal course for beginners who want to get a head start, learning how to use Stata efficiently and effectively. This course introduces Stata’s most popular and useful commands and procedures to import, manipulate, and test data as well as showing how to export results to commonly used file formats.

This webinar is a must for anyone looking to develop their Stata skills, gaining a better understanding of what Stata can do for you.

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Industry Specific Free Webinars with Stata
Experienced medical statistician and trainer Robert Grant will be leading a series of free Stata webinars, focusing on applications in medical statistics.

LASSO And Elastic Net For Frontline Prognostic Formulas In Stata - 28th January

If you want to develop a way for clinicians to predict outcomes, then it needs to be something that can be practically implemented in frontline practice. In other words, there's no use making a hugely complex formula when a simpler one would be almost as accurate, and would actually get used. LASSO and elastic net are "regularisation" methods now available in Stata version 16. That's to say, they find a reduced set of input variables that will give a good-enough prediction. You stay in control (unlike the often-criticised stepwise regression) and can choose how to balance simplicity and accuracy.

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Meta-Analysis: Classical, Network And Bayesian In Stata - 11th February

If you are interested in carrying out systematic reviews and meta-analysis, you should consider using Stata software. With just a line of code, or choosing from a drop-down menu, you can conduct a fixed-effect or random-effect analysis, as well as a network meta-analysis or cumulative meta-analysis. Tables and graphs of your outputs can be quickly generated and exported to Word, Excel, PDF or HTML formats. Publication bias and heterogeneity are easily reported, visualised and tested. And when the studies get more flawed and your analysis gets more complex, you can easily switch to a flexible Bayesian model.

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Reproducible Reports From Stata For Clinical Trials And Epidemiological Studies - 18th February 2021

Analysing healthcare data and discovering new insights is exciting. But copying the numbers into tables and formatting the reports is definitely not! Not only that, but what happens when you are asked to re-run the whole analysis because some more data has become available, or some has been excluded? Stata's recent capability to generate reproducible reports is your friend in situations like this. Your tables, graphs and even text, can be automatically generated from your analysis, and piped straight into user-friendly formats like Word, Excel, PDF and HTML. No matter how demanding your client or boss, they will appreciate the fast turn-around and smart formatting of these outputs.

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