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Stata Programming Workshop

7 - 9 September 2020 London, Work Foundation 3 days (7th September 2020 - 9th September 2020) Stata

Presented By: Professor Christopher F. Baum

Stata Programming Workshop is an opportunity for graduate students, academics, researchers and professionals to expand their knowledge of Stata. This 3-day course introduces programming skills to those who have never written a program in Stata.

An Introduction to Machine Learning using Stata

26-28 October 2020 New Horizons, Computer Learning Centre, New York City, USA 3 days (26th October 2020 - 28th October 2020) Stata

Presented By: Giovanni Cerulli (IRCrES-CNR)

This course is a primer to machine learning techniques using Stata. Today, various machine learning packages are available within Stata, but some of these are not known to all Stata users. This course fills this gap by making participants familiar with Stata's potential to draw knowledge and value from rows of large, and possibly noisy data. The teaching approach will be based on the graphical language and intuition more than on algebra. The sessions will make use of instructional as well as real-world examples, and will balance theory and practical sessions evenly.

Time Series Analysis & Modelling Using Stata

10 - 11 December 2020 TBC 2 days (10th December 2020 - 11th December 2020) Stata

Presented By: Dr George Naufal (Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI), Texas A&M University)

Time series data are nowadays collected for several phenomena in social and empirical sciences. Initially collected at year or quarter level, time series data are now used by marketing analytics, financial technology, and other fields in which data are collected at much smaller intervals (daily, hourly and even by the minute). This course focuses on the fundamental concepts required for the analysis, modelling and forecasting of time series data and provides an introduction to the theoretical foundation of time series models alongside a practical guide to the use of time series analysis techniques implemented in Stata 15. The course is based on the textbook by S. Boffelli and G. Urga (2016), Financial Econometrics Using Stata, Stata Press Publication.

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