Advances in Causal Inference using Stata

28 & 29 May 2020 Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row, London 2 days (28th May 2020 - 29th May 2020) Stata

Econometric modelling for causal inference and program evaluation have witnessed a tremendous development in the last decade, with new approaches and methods addressing an expanding set of challenging problems, both in medical and the social sciences. This course covers some recent developments in causal inference and program evaluation using Stata.

A Gentle Introduction to Causal Modelling with Stata (Dubai)

11-13 June 2020 Dubai, U.A.E. 3 days (11th June 2020 - 13th June 2020) Stata

The objective of this course is to provide participants with a gentle introduction to the essential toolset, mainly applied, for the implementation of simple structural equation models (SEM) for causal modelling in Stata, using the Stata package sem.

An Introduction to Machine Learning using Stata

26-28 October 2020 New Horizons, Computer Learning Centre, New York City, USA 3 days (26th October 2020 - 28th October 2020) Stata

This course is a primer to machine learning techniques using Stata. Today, various machine learning packages are available within Stata, but some of these are not known to all Stata users. This course fills this gap by making participants familiar with Stata's potential to draw knowledge and value from rows of large, and possibly noisy data. The teaching approach will be based on the graphical language and intuition more than on algebra. The sessions will make use of instructional as well as real-world examples, and will balance theory and practical sessions evenly.

What Sample Size do I need? With Stata

11 February 2020 Cass Business School 1 day (11th February 2020 - 11th February 2020) Stata

Choosing an appropriate sample size is a common problem and should be given due consideration in any research proposal, as an inadequate sample size invariably leads to wasted resources. This course gives a practical introduction to sample size determination in the context of some commonly used statistical hypothesis tests.

Introduction to Time Series Analysis with Stata (Online Course - London Time)

10 February 2020 (13:00-16:00, London time) Online Half day Stata

Our web based Introduction to Time Series Analysis with Stata course provides an introduction to most important Stata’s Time Series Commands.

The course is ideal for beginner/intermediate level user who wants to learn how to analyse time-series data and estimate univariate time-series models. The course is based on the textbook Financial Econometrics Using Stata by S.Boffelli and G.Urga (2016), Stata Press

Econometrics of Program Evaluation Using Stata - Co-Developed with Lancaster University Management School

10-12 February 2020 Cass Business School 3 days (10th February 2020 - 12th February 2020) Stata

This course will provide participants with the essential tools, both theoretical and applied, for a proper use of modern micro-econometric methods for policy evaluation and causal counterfactual modelling under the assumption of “selection on observables” and “selection on unobservables”.

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